An Opera Singer’s Piercing Voice Can Shatter Glass

An Opera Singer’s Piercing Voice Can Shatter Glass – Physics suggests that a voice should be able to break glass. Every piece of glass has a natural resonant frequency, the speed at which it will vibrate if bumped or otherwise disturbed by some stimulus, such as a sound wave—as does every other material on Earth. Glass wine goblets are especially resonant because of their hollow tubular shape, which is why they make a pleasant ringing sound when clinked. If a person sings the same tone as that ringing note, a high C in legend but in reality the matching pitch could be any note, the sound of her voice will vibrate the air molecules around the glass at its resonant frequency, causing the glass to start vibrating as well. And if she sings loudly enough, the glass will vibrate itself to smithereens. So in order for a diva to successfully demolish a wine glass, she would have to fortuitously choose one with microscopic defects that are big enough to buckle under pressure singing.

Did you know that In the United States alone there are more than 100 Opera houses? And the number keeps growing as more and more people around the world enjoy the pleasant and emotional impact felt while watching an opera.


One among the oldest and still active opera house is The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples in Europe. The Opera House in Venice Teatro San Cassiano Italy was opened in 1637; the crowds here are both ordinary people as well as the wealthy patrons.



Customers today are tired. They haven’t got much time, and they’re too busy to try products or services from unknown brands. Not only that, they live in a world heavily driven by image and brands, and fear stepping outside of the “cool” box, even if that means the “uncool, cool hipster box”. Many products in today’s market do not even have a chance because they are not popular the minute they hit the shelves. If your brand is not yet well-known, or promoted by a trusted hireinfluence influencer marketing, this could be one of the reasons your products are not selling as well as you hoped.

What do you do if you don’t want your company to fail? The following are a few content marketing mistakes you need to stop making if you want to get – and keep – your company in the consumer game.

    1. Mistake #1: Missing the influence marketing boat

Influence marketing works like this in a nutshell: you choose a social heavyweight, an influencer in your vertical. Then you set up a campaign in which that influencer represents your product, and ta-da, you are shaping your consumers’ buying decisions. That’s how most successful influence marketing campaigns work. What contributes to the success of such a campaign?

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    1. Mistake #2: Assigning the task to just anyone.

According to Dummies, it’s a bad move to ask just any ‘ole employee of yours to create your content marketing message. You do not want to assign that task to any of your lower level employees. Don’t ask your newest content development intern to come up with one in about an hour. He’ll fail, and so will your campaign.

Instead, find an expert to handle the creation and deliver of your message.

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    1. Mistake #3: Being careless about the message.

When planning a marketing campaign, carelessness can be a campaign killer. You will want to invest time in your campaign. It may also be worth your time and money to entrust your campaign’s message and delivery to a brand ambassador. This is the kind of employee who knows and captures the heart of your product or service, because he or she will know how to talk to your audience, how to appeal to them, and how to make it seem that the newest bubble gum flavor your company is launching is the best bubble gum flavor the world will ever see.

    1. Mistake #4: Focusing too much on product qualities.

According to Kissmetrics, you should know the unique qualities of your service by heart and be able to relay them to your tell your audience. Because of this, a lot of companies then believe that marketing a product’s best qualities is all it to win over consumers.

The savvy marketers know it’s lot more complex than that. It is easy to identify the qualities that set your company’s products apart from the rest, but directly delivering this information to your market will not provide you with any significant results, let alone sales.

With so many things in life to distract the average consumer—family, work, and everything else in between—you only get a small chance to leave a big impression. You need to make it memorable enough to put a stamp on their brains so that the next time they’re in store, they’ll think of your product and give it a try. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your marketing dollars.

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    1. Mistake #5: Not telling a good story.

How does Apple elicit such strong adoration from fans, which translates to mega-billions of dollars’ worth of sales? They tell a good story. Every single time. Remember the “Think Different” commercial? It’s one of the most successful influence marketing campaigns of all time. Apple was able to connect to consumers who wanted to be at the forefront of change, by using key influences like James Dean and the Beatles. This commercial was Steve Job’s first marketing campaign upon his return to Apple after being thrown out by the board years prior, and it was a huge, unmitigated success.

    1. Mistake #6: Launching an Influence Marketing campaign on the wrong social media channel

According to Social Media Examiner, a great portion of young consumers spend more time on social media platforms than on watching the screen. This is also why a lot of young consumers trust what they learn from the people they follow on social networks, versus what they hear direct from brands. When millennials have a spare moment they spend it browsing through friends’ Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds or posting comments, photos, and videos of their own on social networking sites. If your business has missed the mark assessing your target audience and which social media channel most impactful for your market, you can miss the mark altogether. For instance, you might keep a blog and update it religiously, but if your audience are tweens on Vine, then choosing to launch an Influence Marketing campaign on a blog is a #fail.

    1. Mistake #7: Not finding the right influencer.

Successful influence marketing campaigns all have one thing in common: the right influencer was chosen. A stellar example of Rowling’s successful Harry Potter series. Harry Potter did not become a success overnight, like magic. Rather, Rowling took action to enlist the help of influencers who could spread the good word of her book. She was savvy enough of a marketer to know that talking to mainstream journalists about the books and films would not be as effective as taking the influencer route. She chose fan sites to communicate with throughout the run of the franchise. Fans encouraged other fans, promoting the book series to one another. It is likely that Rowling’s underground Influence Marketing campaign technique is what made her Harry Potter series a success, and what made a massive difference how consumers perceived her films and the books.

The next time you and your team plan a marketing campaign, keep these mistakes in mind and do your best to avoid. Build a better connection with your audience, run Influence Marketing campaigns, and do so with thoughtfulness and the right attention to detail.

Invisalign Treatment Process

The Invisalign® Treatment Process

invisalign processInvisalign in Calgary, Canada is gaining traction as a sought-after solution for orthodontic problems. Unlike traditional braces, which require the placement of brackets on teeth and the connection of unsightly wires, Invisalign works nearly invisibly (as its name suggests). Particularly for those who do not wish to draw attention to their orthodontic work, Invisalign provides an attractive solution.

Consultation with a Treatment Provider

Our practice has received specialized training to work with Invisalign. During your consultation appointment, our doctors will assess your smile needs. In some cases, the type of problem may not lend itself to correction through Invisalign, and we may offer an alternative solution.

Creation of a Custom Treatment Plan

Invisalign works using a series of customized clear trays that fit almost perfectly over the teeth. To create these trays, our doctors will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth. These are submitted to a specialized laboratory that makes a 3D image of your smile. This is used to create a specialized treatment plan that provides an estimate of how long treatment will take.

Arrival of Custom Trays

Once your customized trays have arrived, the treatment begins. For Invisalign to work properly, you must wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours per day, removing them only to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. The trays gently draw your teeth into proper alignment, correcting your orthodontic problems as you go about your everyday life.

In general, you will replace your aligners with a new set every two weeks. This is to encourage your teeth to continue moving throughout the treatment process. You’ll need to check in with our Atlanta office every six weeks or so to ensure treatment progresses smoothly.

Beautiful Smile: Complete!

Once you complete your individualized treatment plan, you’ll have the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Like with traditional braces, our doctors may recommend that you wear a retainer to ensure that your teeth remain in their new positions.

Learn about hidden braces vs. invisalign here:


PPC Vs Social Media The Social Media People

How Influencer Marketing is gaming internet marketing Pay Per Click Advertising mainly consisted of Google’s Tertiary Ad network Google Adwords and few 2nd tier networks. It wasn’t till Facebook burst into the scene that we were all exposed to a new form of marketing. Social Media Pay Per Click was birthed from advertisers and investors seeing the opportunity to capitalize on social traction. While social media pp and search engine ppc target different demographics they are only competing for one thing –your budget.

So how do you determine if social media pay per click will suit for business model or how much money you should delegate towards driving traffic from social networks? It’s simple. Test, test and test again. Invest in tracking systems and analytical solutions and optimize campaigns for maximum profit but before you do that The Social Media People are willing to impart their knowledge on conventional PPC and social media advertising.

Buying phase.

When a prospect types a search term into Google, they are actively seeking for a solution to their problem, They might be looking for more information on a certain topic however they are more inclined to purchase or take action on the solution you provide. In similar fashion network CTR plummets for non-search users in social advertising, ads maybe shown to non-interest users.


The premise of search engine advertising is based on keyword targeting so search volumes and other factors like customer intent come into play as well. Facebook uses it’s huge collection of data to determine ad placement- this is done through their interests, age, sex, relationship status. A goldmine for advertisers who are looking to get new prospects from Facebooks user base. Is your target market single woman over 50 who are into historic art? Then you are in the right place.


As a relatively new form of advertising, social media is relentlessly evolving hence it’s best of stay ahead of the curve. This has caused major businesses to consider putting their advertising efforts into the social space rather than just Google. The one knock on social is that it’s interruptive advertising therefore a lower click through rate. However don’t expect this to last for much longer with the recent evaluations of Facebook and Zynga, companies are seeing the value in marketing on social platforms.


Big businesses are able to leverage the power of social ads through targeting their specific customersby displaying ads that target their own competitors or similar non competitive products/services. Facebook offers fan pages and through newsfeeds a users action (ie liking a page) can be displayed to their friends thus amplifying your ads reach. The potential for viral advertising is unprecedented and nothing even comes close. So whether you are targeting Redbull fans or moms working from home you pitch could be seen by100s of people through peer recommendation.

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The Relationship Between Science, Technology and Society


Perhaps the easiest way to see whether a development of science and technology is relevant to a question of change in a society is to look around. Do you have a selection of nice clothes? Does your family own a computer? A TV?

The harsh reality is that the most of us are not born part of the aristocracy or any particularly special family. Not necessarily financially speaking, but in terms of family heritage and your recent ancestors. In other words, we would have a low standing in society by default. Centuries ago, this meant that your future might well have been largely decided at birth. For many, this would mean a low paying manual labor job as part of the peasantry, and the squalor that would go paired with it.

In the mid-1700s the industrial revolution started in Europe, which altered society forever. This resulted in the creation of the opportunity for promotion and career development as well as better pay for even the lower echelons of workers. Suddenly, an economic middle class was created, with some money to spend on luxury and personal development. The effects of this could even be seen in music as the classical era coincided with the industrial revolution and was in part shaped by the desires and needs of the vast middle class who had no taste for, or the education necessary to enjoy, the more complex and polyphonic baroque music which preceded the classical era.

This major change in the production and style of music acts as a suitable metaphor for how the development of technology and science can bring about a change in society as both were necessary for the start of the industrial revolution. At the same time as the middle class was becoming a collective patron of the musical arts, the aristocracy also experienced the exact same change in taste for a more elegant and less ornamented style of music. Thus two very different economic classes, with the very small middle class of a hundred years before having had no real voice or influence, affected a major component of the enjoyment and refinement of society in tandem, which was unprecedented.

Returning back to the opening paragraph, the economic ability to purchase luxury items such as a television set or the ability of even a relatively poor person to afford a mobile phone, is another way in which society has been shaped by technology and science as it is specifically these two which allows the development of cheap materials and the widespread accessibility of the goods produced using these materials. There is an incredibly diverse number of factors involved in this, from the science behind fabricating materials (such as dyes) at the lowest production costs while keeping production quality high for maximum consumer satisfaction, to the technology required to accomplish this and, for instance, the massive amount of technology involved in logistics.

At the same time, it must be recognized that society itself is the driving force behind these two factors of societal change. Society’s need for cheap goods drives the business of lower production costs to this day. Without societal need and demand, science and technology are powerless to affect change, and so the three are intertwined to produce the social and economic environment we find ourselves in.