Customers today are tired. They haven’t got much time, and they’re too busy to try products or services from unknown brands. Not only that, they live in a world heavily driven by image and brands, and fear stepping outside of the “cool” box, even if that means the “uncool, cool hipster box”. Many products in today’s market do not even have a chance because they are not popular the minute they hit the shelves. If your brand is not yet well-known, or promoted by a trusted hireinfluence influencer marketing, this could be one of the reasons your products are not selling as well as you hoped.

What do you do if you don’t want your company to fail? The following are a few content marketing mistakes you need to stop making if you want to get – and keep – your company in the consumer game.

    1. Mistake #1: Missing the influence marketing boat

Influence marketing works like this in a nutshell: you choose a social heavyweight, an influencer in your vertical. Then you set up a campaign in which that influencer represents your product, and ta-da, you are shaping your consumers’ buying decisions. That’s how most successful influence marketing campaigns work. What contributes to the success of such a campaign?

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    1. Mistake #2: Assigning the task to just anyone.

According to Dummies, it’s a bad move to ask just any ‘ole employee of yours to create your content marketing message. You do not want to assign that task to any of your lower level employees. Don’t ask your newest content development intern to come up with one in about an hour. He’ll fail, and so will your campaign.

Instead, find an expert to handle the creation and deliver of your message.

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    1. Mistake #3: Being careless about the message.

When planning a marketing campaign, carelessness can be a campaign killer. You will want to invest time in your campaign. It may also be worth your time and money to entrust your campaign’s message and delivery to a brand ambassador. This is the kind of employee who knows and captures the heart of your product or service, because he or she will know how to talk to your audience, how to appeal to them, and how to make it seem that the newest bubble gum flavor your company is launching is the best bubble gum flavor the world will ever see.

    1. Mistake #4: Focusing too much on product qualities.

According to Kissmetrics, you should know the unique qualities of your service by heart and be able to relay them to your tell your audience. Because of this, a lot of companies then believe that marketing a product’s best qualities is all it to win over consumers.

The savvy marketers know it’s lot more complex than that. It is easy to identify the qualities that set your company’s products apart from the rest, but directly delivering this information to your market will not provide you with any significant results, let alone sales.

With so many things in life to distract the average consumer—family, work, and everything else in between—you only get a small chance to leave a big impression. You need to make it memorable enough to put a stamp on their brains so that the next time they’re in store, they’ll think of your product and give it a try. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your marketing dollars.

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    1. Mistake #5: Not telling a good story.

How does Apple elicit such strong adoration from fans, which translates to mega-billions of dollars’ worth of sales? They tell a good story. Every single time. Remember the “Think Different” commercial? It’s one of the most successful influence marketing campaigns of all time. Apple was able to connect to consumers who wanted to be at the forefront of change, by using key influences like James Dean and the Beatles. This commercial was Steve Job’s first marketing campaign upon his return to Apple after being thrown out by the board years prior, and it was a huge, unmitigated success.

    1. Mistake #6: Launching an Influence Marketing campaign on the wrong social media channel

According to Social Media Examiner, a great portion of young consumers spend more time on social media platforms than on watching the screen. This is also why a lot of young consumers trust what they learn from the people they follow on social networks, versus what they hear direct from brands. When millennials have a spare moment they spend it browsing through friends’ Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds or posting comments, photos, and videos of their own on social networking sites. If your business has missed the mark assessing your target audience and which social media channel most impactful for your market, you can miss the mark altogether. For instance, you might keep a blog and update it religiously, but if your audience are tweens on Vine, then choosing to launch an Influence Marketing campaign on a blog is a #fail.

    1. Mistake #7: Not finding the right influencer.

Successful influence marketing campaigns all have one thing in common: the right influencer was chosen. A stellar example of Rowling’s successful Harry Potter series. Harry Potter did not become a success overnight, like magic. Rather, Rowling took action to enlist the help of influencers who could spread the good word of her book. She was savvy enough of a marketer to know that talking to mainstream journalists about the books and films would not be as effective as taking the influencer route. She chose fan sites to communicate with throughout the run of the franchise. Fans encouraged other fans, promoting the book series to one another. It is likely that Rowling’s underground Influence Marketing campaign technique is what made her Harry Potter series a success, and what made a massive difference how consumers perceived her films and the books.

The next time you and your team plan a marketing campaign, keep these mistakes in mind and do your best to avoid. Build a better connection with your audience, run Influence Marketing campaigns, and do so with thoughtfulness and the right attention to detail.